Welcome to Balemaster

What made a family company great.

Balemaster, a family-owned company that has been in the machine-building business for almost 60 years. We produce balers and shredders that reduce the volume of paper, corrugated board and nonwoven fabric. In doing so, we not only reduce waste but also problems. Together with our customers, we reduce waste streams and contribute to a sustainable society. Shoulder to shoulder.

We are the silent force that is always ready and never gives up.


Balemaster offers a comprehensive product line of balers, shredders, and trim and transport exhausters, including the necessary accessories, with a throughput ranging from 500 kg per day to 25 tonnes per hour.

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Service & spare parts

Our service department will gladly support you with required spare parts and, if necessary, we will send a technician to assist you. Balemaster technicians are also available to perform the annual maintenance and service.

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Technical support

Balemaster Europe’s service department is available 24/7 in case of emergencies. Our on-call service is at your disposal completely free of charge and without a contract.

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We do what we say and say what we do.

We are Balemaster Europe.

Two things are really important to us: good products and excellent service. If necessary, we depart from our factory within an hour to fix breakdowns at your location. That was true back in the 1960s and it still is today. Moreover, as a family business, we cherish lasting relationships with our customers. We see it as part of our job to help customers develop a long-term vision. Always in the background, but always present.

Balemaster’s machines are the silent force in your organisation. Big in making waste smaller.

Pioneering and innovating.

When operating the machines, it’s easy to forget the innovative thinking that went into them. Such as the use of state-of-the-art CAD/CAM software. Our approach leads to solutions that make it possible to compact various types of waste material in a single press. Balemaster also pioneered the use of new technologies for PLC control, hydraulics and the development of a reliable binding system. Everything about using a Balemaster convinces you that it is designed for optimum performance.

Performance with an eye to the future.

Smartly reducing waste, that is our goal. Whether it’s paper, corrugated board or nonwoven fabric. Balemaster offers the powerhouses to get the job done with processing capacities ranging from 500 kg per day to 25 tonnes per hour. This is how we do things for today and our future. We are the silent force.

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